What is Dry Brushing

Coco Pile

You may have heard of dry brushing, but you may not know what that even means to your health or how to do it? This course goes over where the tradition began and what they discovered about its influence on your health and skin. As a class we are going to walk through the motions of dry brushing the entire body, answering questions, and learn how to promote the health of our skin.   It’s recommended to bring your own dry brush to participate with learning the process of dry brushing, but it is not required. You can observe this part of the class or pretend to go through the actions. You can purchase a dry brush with the class or at the store before the class. Please call the store to register for the class so we can be prepared to best serve you and other attendees. $15 class only, $25 for class and a dry brush Class is led by Coco Pile https://moondancebotanicals.com/classes-and-events/ Call the Shop to reserve your spot: 303-263-7275 [Organizer's description]
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