Widowspeak and Death Valley Girls

Widowspeak and Death Valley Girls

Minivan Photography Death Valley Girls


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7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO  80209
Death Valley Girls aren’t like other bands. They spend their free time on tour scouring haunted places. Frontwoman Bonnie Bloomgarden rarely writes her lyrics before she enters the studio, waiting instead for them to come to her in the booth. When Death Valley Girls decided they needed a motto, they went with “Everybody’s got to be in a gang” — a quote culled from a 1975 sexploitation flick. There’s nothing quite normal about Death Valley Girls, which is presumably how they like it. Musically, they’re somewhere between proto-punk, garage and space rock, doing doughnuts at the intersection of Stooges-like punk, Black Sabbath’s entire discography and tortured desert psych rock. The result is a strange, half-throttling, half-hypnotic rock-and-roll odyssey that embraces the aesthetic of old-school punk rebellion — they call themselves “Hell’s house band” and wear a lot of leather — but one that sounds fresh and ferocious as all hell.
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