In Coastlines, the final installment of director Victor Nunez's "Panhandle Trilogy," a wary ex-con named Sonny Mann (Timothy Olyphant) returns to his fly-bitten Florida home town to collect the debt that's owed him for taking the fall in a drug deal gone wrong. But the slippery local crime lords (William Forsythe and Josh Lucas) don't intend to pay up. In the humid outback of Florida's "Redneck Riviera," Sonny arouses the bad guys' wrath, the suspicions of a good-guy sheriff (Josh Brolin) -- who also happens to be his best friend -- and the passion of the lawman's wife (Sarah Wynter). Like its predecessors, Ruby in Paradise (which marked the acting debut of Ashley Judd) and Ulee's Gold (which earned an Oscar nomination for Peter Fonda), Nunez's drama is a triumph of tone and atmosphere inhabited by vivid characters. This accomplished filmmaker is too little heralded.

Coastlines begins a one-week run at Starz FilmCenter on Friday, June 16. Starz is at 900 Auraria Parkway, in the Tivoli Student Union. For information, call 303-820-3456.


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