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One of the enduring curiosities of twentieth-century pop culture -- and now 21st-century pop culture -- is the tenacious hold The Rocky Horror Picture Show has exerted on audiences everywhere in America -- and in some foreign countries, too -- since its none-too-encouraging initial release in 1975. An outrageous spoof of low-budget horror movies, heavily seasoned with cross-dressing, kinky sex and rock and roll, it has for more than a quarter-century attracted hordes of midnight fanatics who glory in donning knockoffs of its low-rent costumes, repeating its wonderfully silly dialogue and belting out Richard O'Brien's beloved lyrics at the top of their lungs. For the precious few innocents who've never shared the experience, you've got Barry Bostwick and, yes, a young Susan Sarandon, in the thankless roles of a stuffy straight couple who wander into a spook house crammed to the walls with bizarre Transylvanians including Tim Curry, Patricia Quinn and Meat Loaf. By now, this whole phenomenon is more than camp, way beyond cult. Dammit, Janet, the weekly gathering of the clans is a full-scale family ritual, a happy celebration of unreal life. Rocky Horror -- bless its demented little heart -- now screens every Saturday at midnight at the Starz FilmCenter on the Auraria campus. For information and show times, call 303-820-3456.


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