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The notoriously plotless musical comedy Head became an object of cult worship almost from the moment of its release, in 1968; with each passing year, it amuses people even more as a telling artifact of '60s pop culture. What less could we expect of a movie that stars the made-for-TV rock group the Monkees, features dozens of weird sight gags and old movie clips and indulges in all kinds of self-consciously "psychedelic" editing techniques? The director, Bob Rafelson, is better known for more serious cult faves like Five Easy Pieces and The Postman Always Rings Twice. His co-writer on Head, a guy by the name of Jack Nicholson, has done a few more notable things himself since '68.

The guest stars include Nicholson, Teri Garr, Frank Zappa and Annette Funicello, and the Monkees tunes ("Can You Dig It," "The Porpoise Song," et al.) are now camp classics.

Head screens at 10 p.m. Monday, June 21, in the Mondays at the hi-dive Series. Admission to the funky club at 7 South Broadway is free; drink specials during the film include $1 Pabst Blue Ribbons and $2 well drinks. For information, call 303-917-2288 or log on at www.hi-dive.com.


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