Flick Pick

Before its release in 1933, the bluenoses over at the Hays Office had their way with the Barbara Stanwyck vehicle Baby Face, clipping more than five minutes of what was then thought to be steamy carnality from the original print. Happily (for most of us, anyway), the censored scenes remained in a vault for 72 years and have now been restored to director Alfred E. Green's melodrama. For those who've forgotten, Stanwyck portrays an ambitious speakeasy waitress who literally sleeps her way to the top floor of a Manhattan office building. As it happens, one of her Depression-era conquests is 26-year-old John Wayne, gotten up in a spiffy coat and tie.

Baby Face: The Uncensored Version screens three times this weekend at the Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli, 900 Auraria Parkway. On Saturday, July 16, showings are at 4 and 7 p.m.; on Sunday, July 17, there's a 2 p.m. show. For information, call 303-820-3456.


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