1. Pulp Fiction. Boy wonder Tarantino scores again with wickedly clever crime triptych. Travolta comeback in full swing.

2. Blue, White and Red. Polish master Kieslowski hits the trifecta, then announces retirement.

3. Cobb. Denver must wait for Tommy Lee JonesÕs brilliant portrait of savage, embittered baseball great.

4. Eat Drink Man Woman. Chinese chef/father provides all but the right nourishment for three daughters. Audiences hunger for mu shu pork.

5. Hoop Dreams. Inner-city basketball documentary hits from downtown.
6. The Last Seduction. Director John Dahl and vixen Linda Fiorentino reinvent film noir in upstate New York.

7. Quiz Show. Scammer Charles Van Doren overturns Fifties innocence. Reverend Redford appalled.

8. Natural Born Killers. Love him or hate him, Oliver Stone disturbs with hallucinatory satire of violence.

9. Heavenly Creatures. Bizarre New Zealand matricide case yields chilling meditation on teenage fantasy.

10. Bullets Over Broadway. Troubled Woody regains comic form with spoof of hoods and Twenties theater folk.

WORST TEN OF 1994 1. Little Buddha. Bertolucci the Great goes softheaded in Tibet--via holy boy from Seattle. Keanu cast as Siddhartha.

2. Wyatt Earp. Mayonnaise-face Costner and pompmeister Kasdan plod through Old West for three hours. Goes by like ten.

3. Forrest Gump. Pass that damn box of chocolates around the village idiotsÕ convention and shut up.

4. When a Man Loves a Woman. Have you heard? Yuppies with BMWs get drunk, too.
5. A Simple Twist of Fate. Steve Martin updates Silas Marner. English majors run for cover.

6. Killing Zoe. Tarantino pal Roger Avary stages bloody Paris bank heist, pretends heÕs Jean-Luc Godard.

7. The War. Leaden Jon Avnet allegory hauls poverty, post-traumatic stress, race, love, adolescence, family values and the South into the mire.

8. Nell. Jodie screams for Oscar in language only she understands. Ideal prom date for Gump.

9. The Shadow. How to trivialize great radio.
10. The Radioland Murders. Ditto.


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