Harkins Northfield 18

Tired of the same old multiplex? Last Friday, the Harkins Northfield 18 at Stapleton opened for business, offering Denver movie-goers the largest single screen in the state and a sound system that rivals the most muscled-up rock-concert venue. The centerpiece of the new eighteen-theater house is something called the Cine Capri, featuring 600 seats, a giant seventy-foot screen and a 150-speaker sound system driven by 26,900 watts of audio power. The other seventeen Northfield auditoriums, although less dramatic, feature the same high-backed love seats (called Harkins Ultimate Rockers) as the Capri, and all patrons have access to the gourmet snack bar (featuring a wide variety of hot food selections) and the Harkins Play Center, a babysitting facility for children ages three to eight, where kids are tended for the price of an adult movie ticket.

The family-owned, Phoenix-based Harkins chain has theaters in Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and California. The Stapleton installation, at 8300 East 49th Avenue, is the company's first Colorado venture. For movie and theater information, call 303-595-HARK, express code 532.


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