I Believe I Am a Camera: Double Feature Film Presentation

"Fresh City Life is making a real effort to create programming that doesn't simply inform and entertain people, but also gives them the space to create something," says the Denver Public Library's Audrey Sprenger. That's the idea behind the EyeBelieve: Independent Filmmakers Competition, which kicks off Saturday, March 8, with I Believe I Am a Camera: Double Feature Film Presentation.

The goal is to get Denver filmmakers excited about the different ways of storytelling in film. Sprenger and Fresh City Life's Chris Loffelmacher chose their favorite flicks about filmmaking and storytelling. "They're more explicitly about the drive some people feel to document their lives," Sprenger notes.

At 11 a.m. in the level B2 conference center of the Central Library, 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway, catch American Movie: The Making of Northwestern, a 1999 Chris Smith vehicle that follows downtrodden filmmaker and paperboy Mark Borchardt (pictured). At 2 p.m., see Tarnation, a film by Jonathan Caouette about growing up with his schizophrenic mother; the story is told using snapshots, answering-machine messages, video diaries and more. Both films are free; American Movie is rated R, and Tarnation is not rated. For information, visit http://denverlibrary.org/programs/fresh/believe.html or call the library at 720-865-1472.


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