Josh Blue, 7 More Days in the Tank

It's getting harder and harder for Denver audiences to see their hometown hero and Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue, as he's booked solid through June 2007, headlining rooms all over the nation. Sure, those glued to the city's comedy scene can catch him every now and again when he flies home and pops into local rooms on rare days off. But for fans who aren't total comedy nerds, your best bet for catching Blueisms is at a screening of Josh Blue, 7 More Days in the Tank, a comedy special that highlights a recent performance at the Gothic Theatre and a featurette filmed at the Denver Zoo called "Blue at the Zoo."

"I'm screwed, because I'm going to be in a town that's not playing it," Blue says from his cell phone en route to a headlining gig in Detroit. "I'm the first comic ever to do this. And I think it came out really well."

The special will air in movie theaters nationwide -- including the Denver Pavilions, Colorado Mills Stadium 16, Westminster Promenade 24 and Thornton Town Center 10 -- at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 9. Visit for complete listings. Bigger, better, Bluer. -- Adam Cayton-Holland


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