Movie-Enhanced Art Mezzanine
Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau

Movie-Enhanced Art Mezzanine

Departure delays got you down? Escape the hustle and bustle of airport woes and discover a whole new terrain at the movie-enhanced art mezzanine of Concourse A at Denver International Airport. In between Hudson News and the Cowboy Bar, the savvy searcher will find an escalator to a secret serenity of sculpture, painting — and, yes, even film. "I think that the Concourse A mezzanine offers a great value to the 50 million people that walk through Denver International Airport every day," says public art consultant Colleen Fanning. "I love that people can get out of the crowd, sit back and relax and enjoy one of the many happy little surprises that can be found at DIA."

Fanning was a member of the committee that hosted the Emerging Student Film Maker Project for DIA, which loops ten- to fifteen-minute features from budding celluloiders Shannon Kelley, Chris Bagley, Casey Kohler, Zachary Maness and Michael White. "Sometimes I will see families spread out on blankets watching the featured films, and it just reinforces the success of the project," she says. "We feel extremely pleased to support emerging artists and create a viable market for our local artists."

Frequent flyers can get directions by calling DIA's public art offices at 303- 342-2521.


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