11950 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80215


  • Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-6:45 p.m., Sat-Sun, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
The little green waiting room at Ajoya is slick, clean and nondescript. Except for the weed mags on display, it could be the front lobby of a time-share business or the office of an aging hippie acupuncturist. The bud-bar room is small, with the budtender seated behind a desk surrounded by marijuana products: edibles to the right, stock jars of cannabis strains behind, and a stack of display nugs on a tiered rack just within arm's reach to the left. Patients come in one at a time, which is nice for privacy — or if you simply can't stand it when someone else reaches for the nug jar you were about to grab. The budtenders here go through an extensive three-day training period during which they learn all the ins and outs of the dispensary's dozens of products. And they're eager to share that knowledge, which makes Ajoya a great place to send newbies to the Colorado cannabis scene.

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