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Argyll Whisky Beer

Those of us who lamented the closing of restaurant mogul Robert Thompson's groundbreaking Argyll in Cherry Creek worried about how the concept would survive the transition to Uptown, where the restaurant finally reopened in June 2014. Would his gastropub -- now named Argyll Whisky Beer -- feel passé? Had the city moved on, even if the owner hadn't, as evidenced by the words "non oblitus" (Latin for "not forgotten") written on the new bar? But Thompson has demonstrated a commitment to evolution and adaptation, completing another renovation in 2015 to expand the bar space and streamlining the menu to include such modern pub staples as flatbreads (check out the version with bacon, onions and a fried egg) along with traditional fish and chips. Fortunately, the menu still includes the Scotch egg from the original Argyll, as well as a mind-boggling selection of whisky. Some things are simply too good to go out of fashion -- just like Argyll itself.