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Art Salon

2219 E. 21st Ave.
Denver, CO 80205

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  • Express Yourself
    3 years ago by Robin Edwards

    “Almost every moment in my life is defined by what Madonna album was out, by what Madonna movie, by something that she performed,” explains artist Alon Paul. “Everybody’s got their crazy, and, ultimately, Mad...

  • Photos: Madonna inspired these 365 art pieces
    3 years ago by Robin Edwards

    John Waters said that "life is nothing if you're not obsessed," and artist Alon Paul is certainly an example of an obsession that's translated into something incredibly cool. Every day for an entire year, Paul created a piece of art...

  • Alon Paul on 365 days of Madonna and creating art out of his obsession
    3 years ago by Robin Edwards

    Artist Alon Paul says he hopes that if Madonna ever sees his new show Muse:365, she'll be equal parts flattered and terrified. This time in 2011, Paul quit drinking and created a piece of art of or inspired by the Material Girl ever...

  • Love Bites
    3 years ago by Bree Davies

    Of all of the holidays to be alone, Valentine's Day can be the suckiest. But the heartbroken, the bitter and the angry are all welcome to celebrate in anti-V-Day fashion at tonight's Scorned Lover's Art and Show and Event at the Art...

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