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Atlas 100

1125 18th St.
Boulder, CO 80309

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  • Poet Yosimar Reyes on the power of personal narratives
    1 year ago by Kyle Harris

    Your story matters, says poet Yosimar Reyes, who denies the dominant narrative of United States citizenship, that "real Americans" are blue-eyed, blond-haired, white, upper-middle class men fully assimilated into the American Dream....

  • Queer undocumented artist Julio Salgado speaks out
    1 year ago by Kyle Harris

    Artists often choose to take big risks: In 1971, Chris Burden made art history when he had his assistant shoot him in the arm; just last November, Petr Pavlensky nailed his scrotum to Moscow's Red Square cobblestones. These artists'...

  • Suranjan Ganguly on experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage
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    Few filmmakers have pushed the limits of cinema as forcefully as the late Stan Brakhage. His hundreds of films forged a cinematic language that has dominated the experimental media world since the 1950s. Brakhage work is not the eas...

  • Border Crossings
    1 year ago by Kyle Harris

    “In the news, you rarely see the intersection of queer issues and immigration issues,” says Kevin Patterson, an organizer with Eye-Resist, an ethnic-studies group at the University of Colorado at Boulder that is sponsori...