Avery Brewing

Avery Brewing Company

In February 2015, after 22 years in the same space, Avery Brewing Company closed its Arapahoe Avenue location in Boulder and opened a brand-new brewing facility, restaurant and taproom on 5.6 acres of land at 4910 Nautilus Court. Nearly as extensive as the beer selection, the all-day menu (served in both rooms) reaches well beyond standard pub grub. Locally sourced meats, cheeses and produce shine in Creole- and Southern-inspired fare ranging from gumbo to barbecue, and daily specials run the gamut from duck confit to fish and chips. But if you just want to hang out on the patio and have a few snacks with your limited-edition ale, Avery lets you do that, too. If you're lucky, the oft-changing menu will offer an inspired poutine over spiced fingerlings — not fries — and a seven- (or nine-, depending on how you read the menu) layer dip. While you’re waiting for a table, head over to the catwalk for an interesting peek at the fermentation tanks and bottling and canning lines.