Back to the Garden

1755 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80223
Back to the Garden +

Scott Lentz

Back to the Garden's storefront is in an old strip center on South Broadway, and it's among the smallest shops in town. The entryway/lobby/reception desk area has just enough room for three or four people, and that's assuming you've all become comfortable enough to sit hip­-to-hip on the antique­-style fainting couch across from the reception window. The place is clean and simple. Decorations are minimal in the gray­-and-­white waiting room, limited to a few of the mass-­produced Italian wine posters that college girls buy at Target and put up in their first apartment. But, whatever: Traffic on South Broadway is infinitely more interesting to watch, and the entire storefront affords that view from inside. A board with pricing on it is well placed near the receptionist desk. Buds are kept in Mason jars in one of two glass counters. Sample jars with individual nuggets are set on top of the counter for easy patient access, which lets patients pick and choose without feeling that they are overwhelming a budtender. To the left of that counter is another, smaller glass display with edibles, pipes and topical lotions.

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