Best Colorado Meds

4845 Van Gordon St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Best Colorado Meds +

Scott Lentz

Located in a quiet part of Wheat Ridge with plenty of parking, Best Colorado Meds is one of four Colorado dispensaries that make up the Green Rooster Genetics and Edibles family tree. The shop itself doesn’t boast anything special in terms of ambience or atmosphere — just a small reception area and medical and recreational bud rooms with some chairs for waiting. Employees say the focus is more on substance than style: Best Colorado Meds carries more than twenty strains, many of them classic landraces such as Panama Red and Durban Poison. Both housemade hash and concentrates from TC Labs (run with Best Colorado Meds products) are available, as well as edibles and smoking and vape accessories. Best Colorado Meds also has deals throughout the week on edibles, pre-­rolls and more.


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