Blackbelly Market

1606 Conestoga St.
Boulder, CO 80301


  • Brunch, Dinner, Lunch
  • Full bar
"Under-promise and over-deliver." That's chef/owner Hosea Rosenberg's way of describing the straightforward menu at Blackbelly Market, the latest extension of his Blackbelly brand that has grown from food truck to catering company to local farm -- and now to this understated restaurant in a less-than-trendy east Boulder neighborhood. But it's not just a restaurant; Blackbelly is also a salumeria making fresh sausage and cured meats, a butcher shop and market selling housemade packaged foods, and a deli counter serving grab-and-go breakfast items starting at 7 a.m. every morning. The details in the dishes that make good on over-delivering quality and flavor include head-on shrimp and meticulously sourced cornmeal in the shrimp and grits, smoked pork and Hatch chiles (delivered, roasted and peeled at the height of the season) in the green chile posole, and a strikingly fresh chimichurri siding hanger steak (or other cuts of the day) perfectly cooked to temperature.


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