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  • Death of Self grinds at Blast-O-Mat on Monday, July 30
    3 years ago by Tom Murphy

    Mental Disintegration is the perfect title for the latest release from Death of Self (due Monday, July 30, at Blast-O-Mat), as the music evokes the human mind desperately on the brink of collapse. This on-again, off-again project in...

  • Dripfed drops in at Blast-O-Mat on March 20
    3 years ago by Tom Murphy

    To a lot of people with mostly mainstream sensibilities and cultural affiliations, grindcore, crust and death metal will always just sound like a bunch of noise with terrible vocals. But a band like Dripfed -- and most of the acts t...

  • Gaza
    3 years ago by Tom Murphy

    If you've ever been to Salt Lake City, you know there's gotta be a dark underbelly of pissed-off people who rage against the prevalent cultural climate in private or in venues that are the underground of the underground. Gaza gives ...