CU Visual Arts Complex

1085 18th St.
Boulder, CO 80309

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    Sundance is over and Oscar season — but the show will go on at local movie theaters. In March, screens will light up with two Alfred Hitchcock classics, several film festivals and a survey of Italian neorealism. Audiences will ...

  • Pure Gold
    9 months ago by Kyle Harris

    Avant-garde animator Larry Jordan, who has crafted more than fifty experimental shorts since the 1950s, compares his creative process to alchemy. “The common conception of alchemy is trying to make gold out of lead. That was n...

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    Karen Yasinsky is not afraid to test her audience's patience. Often, she animates slight variations of one shot and leaves the viewer with that single image for minutes on end. Her films are quiet, and in their stillness and subtlet...

  • Moving Pictures
    10 months ago by Kyle Harris

    With a background in painting, Karen Yasinsky wanted to make movies without crews. So she set up an animation stand at her Baltimore studio and started shooting short films with puppets and archival materials. “It made sense t...

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