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Del Mar Crab House - Closed

1453 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80202


  • Business Dining, Private Party

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    10 years ago by Jason Sheehan

    After my disastrous meals at Del Mar Crab House (see review), I started feeling nostalgic for the simple, rookie mistakes of Go Fish Grille, a seafood restaurant that I'd given a mixed review back in December. In comparison to the t...

  • A Lobster Tale
    10 years ago by Jason Sheehan

    I'm not going to order lobster anymore. Or perhaps I'll just limit myself to lobster once a year. Twice, tops. One of the quirks of this very strange job is that every food-related luxury, every delicacy, every rare and wonderful th...

  • Ahoy, Denver!
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    Ever since Molly Brown returned to Denver after her dunk in the Atlantic, diners here have complained about this city's lack of decent seafood restaurants. For a long time, the blame lay with Denver's landlocked location -- but that...

  • Mouthing Off
    15 years ago by Kyle Wagner

    LoDo's two new Mexican-oriented eateries replace a pair of long-timers that recently departed the scene. Shortly after Rio Grande moved into the neighborhood last year, Las Delicias, the third (and best) link in a homegrown chain th...

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