Elitch Gardens

2000 Elitch Circle
Denver, CO 80204-1889
Best Of


  • Sat 10am-10pm
  • Kid Friendly
Amusement park featuring more than 45 rides, shows and attractions, including the Edge extreme water adventure, the Halfpipe snowboard ride, the Flying Coaster, free concerts, the Island Kingdom Water Park and more.

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    Radium was hot at the turn of the twentieth century. Discovered by Marie Curie in 1898, it quickly became big business. People loved radium. They put it in watches, in dials, in paints. They figured it had some kind of curative powe...

  • Orange Is Your Color
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    Editor's note: Regrettably, this event hosted by Elitch Gardens, the Center and CAP has been canceled. And unfortunately, we only received word of this cancellation after the item was printed in our issue dated October 6, 2011. Take...

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    If he weren't stoned, he said, he would never have eaten the food at Elitch Gardens. Even stoned, the red-mohawked teen was reluctant to try most of the snack items we picked up at the amusement park. And after eating the food mysel...