Evergreen Apothecary

1568 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210
Aside from the green signs in front, there's a welcome lack of lime green walls or weed posters in Evergreen Apothecary. Instead, a few Eastern-looking artifacts hang on neutral beige walls, and vintage scales and other apothecary relics are placed around the shop on top of shelves and bookcases. Stools and a bar along the front windows facing South Broadway serve as a waiting room, but the rest of the ground floor is underused retail space. The glass cabinets opposite the receptionist counter house a few inexpensive glass pipes and other assorted ganja accessories. Behind that is an old wooden bar like the ones found down the street on Antique Row, which holds racks of honey oil in plastic syringes. The bud-bar room is much smaller in comparison to the rest of the shop. Hip-high glass counters with edibles, concentrates and more glass pipes surround you. Bud is kept in large jars on green bookcases behind the counters, with different shelves denoting the various price ranges. The jars also are color-coded for price. Where the shop shines is with its sativas. Oil heads aren't going to find much to dab on in the concentrate selection at Evergreen Apothecary; the apothecary tries to stick with natural methods of cannabis production like icewater hash, kief and CO2 hash. The selection is pretty wide in those areas, though. Read our full dispensary review of Evergreen Apothecary.

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