Golden Meds

4620 Peoria St.
Denver, CO 80239
Located right off I-­70, Golden Meds embraces the get-­in-­and-­get-­out approach of purchasing cannabis. There is no waiting room ­­-- just a two-­way mirror and a slot for handing over your I.D. Customers and patients wait in a row of seats in the back of the room and wait for the lone medical budtender or next available recreational tender. Golden Meds typically has about twenty strains in stock and accepts credit/debit cards as well as cash. It claims the selection of hash it carries has won multiple awards at the 710 and High Times Cannabis Cups. Pipes and other smoking accessories are also available. Don't go to Golden Meds expecting a lot of help. The staff is overworked, and the line of customers in the back creates a rushed environment. If you're in the area and know exactly what you want, it might be worth checking out, but the atmosphere probably won't bring you back. Read our full dispensary review of Golden Meds.

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