iVita Wellness

2209 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
iVita Wellness +

Scott Lentz

Open for dual sales since late 2014, the iVita Highlands location looks very much like your typical Denver chain dispensary, but there's nothing wrong with choosing a formula that works. With trendy pop art on the walls (pandas toting handguns, Batman with spray paint), iVita hoodies and T­-shirts on the racks and sparkling display cases of expensive glassware, this store could pass for a California skate shop circa 2004 if the merchandise were a little different. Considering that many of today's legal stoners were skaters in 2004, the decor seems apt. iVita's cheap pre-rolls and large stock of edibles and hash-pen cartridges make it a great stop for anyone heading downtown for the night. Who knows? You might even catch the O.pen Vape van parked outside.


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