LivWell Enlightened Health

432 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
LivWell Enlightened Health is one of the larger dispensary chains, with seven affiliated dispensaries scattered from Colorado Springs all the way up to Boulder. The Broadway shop has been combined with the old Broadway Wellness and is clean and upscale, with wide-­plank hardwood floors and tan walls uncluttered by posters or product advertisements. The wood floors and high ceilings inside the old building give it an empty feeling at first, but the sunshine pouring in from the front windows and mellow electronic music bring it to life. The bud bar features the same rehabbed-­industrial feel of the front room, but with a massive exposed brick wall. Framed pictures hang on the opposite wall, but otherwise the space is left empty, and the bud ­­ stacked along the bottom shelf of three glass cabinets ­­is the main focus. It's broken down into three price ranges: green, gold and platinum, with the herb on the platinum shelf being hand-­selected and hand-­trimmed.

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