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Longmont Union Reservoir

461 County Road 26
Longmont, CO 80504

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  • Moving On
    2 years ago by Cory Casciato

    The normally placid waters of Longmont's Union Reservoir will be churned up today by all manner of oddities. You might see sharks or even a UFO skimming across the surface. Don’t worry, though: It’s not some kind of sci-...

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    4 years ago by Jef Otte

    Like a psychedelic gathering of Jules Verne honorable mentions, this weekend's 2011 Kinetic Sculpture Race at Union Reservoir in Longmont pitted crazy Rube Goldberg contraption against even crazier Rube Goldberg contraption in a con...

  • Beauty In Motion
    4 years ago by Jef Otte

    The 32nd annual Kinetic Sculpture Race is indeed a race, but as the word “sculpture” suggests, it’s really not about the racing. “There’s certainly a recognition of who’s the fastest,” says Paul Ba...