Macky Auditorium Concert Hall

17th St. & University Ave.
Boulder, CO 80309

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  • Vampire Weekend
    4 months ago by Susan Froyd

    It’s been seven years since Boulder’s Frequent Flyers aerial dance troupe put on its sophisticated, Halloween-friendly show Theatre of the Vampires, partly because it’s so costly to stage. “The production qua...

  • Dancing with the Stars
    10 months ago by Susan Froyd

    Gustav Holst’s seven-movement The Planets has long been one of the most accessible — and fiddled-with — classical-music works, partly because of the bold pictures painted by its themes, each part describing a diffe...

  • Story Time
    1 year ago by Bree Davies

    “Do we want to dominate nature, or see ourselves as a part of nature?” asks Karole Armitage in her latest multi-faceted performance, Armitage Gone! Dance: Fables on Global Warming, presented this evening at the Universit...

  • Neuromedy
    2 years ago by Josiah Hesse

    Standup comic and Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari hates texting girls. “There’s always miscommunication,” he says. “I’ll text a girl, she texts me back right away, I text her back right away. Then...

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