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Boulder, CO 80302

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  • Make a Sock Puppet and Spark Your Inner Artist at Madelife Friday
    3 months ago by Amanda Moutinho

    When creativity sparks in a young person, it tends to get extinguished by societal -- and often parental -- pressures to join "the real world" and get a "real job." But the people behind Madelife want to fan that flame. "A lot of yo...

  • The Joy of Socks
    3 months ago by Amanda Moutinho

    Madelife’s annual holiday party is strictly BYOS: Bring your own sock. Tonight, the Boulder DIY venue is hosting its third Festivus Puppet Party, where guests can partake in puppet performances and dance-offs — after cre...

  • 10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (8 Free!), November 14-16
    4 months ago by Alex Brown

    We just got our first snowstorm of the year. It's always cute the first time, but come March, we'll be begging for summer. Whether you're trying to get in shape before piling on poultry pounds, ogling at an orangutan or contributing...

  • To Fail, Divine
    4 months ago by Susan Froyd

    Boulder dancer/choreographer Laura Ann Samuelson is excited about, but also terrified of, what her Failure Festival will bring, and she’s really not sure yet what it all means. But that’s no reason to dismiss the idea of...

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