Metro Cannabis

8151 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
Metro Cannabis isn't really known for much. It's generally seen by patients as a warehouse shop with warehouse-­quality buds and little to offer someone who wants true variety and well­-grown herb. It's a low-­rent shop set up along a rough stretch of Colfax that relies on walk-­in traffic from the neighborhood. Still, none of that seems to matter: People line up inside to buy what Metro Cannabis has to sell anyway. The shop is dual-­use and the bud bars aren't separated, which means that patients under 21 are going to have to go elsewhere. But that doesn't appear to be affecting business. The staff is friendly enough, but recreational prices are notably high, with eighth prices as much as $20 more than on the medical side of things ­­-- and that's not including state tax. No brick weed, but then again, not much worth remembering at Metro Cannabis unless you're from out of state. Read our full dispensary review of Metro Cannabis.

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