Mile High Medical and Recreational Cannabis

1705 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
Mile High Medical and Recreational Cannabis has gained some notoriety for being the closest legal weed shop to Invesco Field at Mile High, where the beloved Denver Broncos play, and it's true: You can throw a wobbly duck pass from the back door of the dispensary and hit tailgaters. The sign on the front of the shop directs recreational customers to the alley entrance; the shop lobby includes a ratty, well­-worn couch and a massive fish tank that takes up the south side of the room. The receptionist is behind a huge metal­-and­-glass cage, like a payday­-loans teller. The shop clearly can grow some plump, crystal­-coated buds, and there's no arguing that the jars filled with various chunky strains are all impressive. Fans of concentrates will appreciate the shop's strain­-specific shatter and wax selection, which it offers alongside "medley mixture" concentrates that contain sativa, indica or both. Read our full dispensary review of Mile High Medical and Recreational Cannabis.