Mind Body Spirit

811 County Rd. 308
Dumont, CO 80436


  • Daily 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Mind Body Spirit (MBS for short) Wellness presently occupies a single-wide trailer just off I-70 in Idaho Springs, though employees hope to move into the much bigger shop next door at some point in the future. In its current layout, however, you’ll find seating, merchandise, glassware and more shoved into the waiting area. That said, the space is comfy and far less cramped than you might think. The bud room — the back room of the trailer — may be a little stuffy, but it’s certainly preferable to find a small place stuffed with product than a large one that's half empty. MBS sells its concentrates through its own hash company, Venom Wax, and has plenty of edibles to keep tourists happy. Although the shop sells its twenty strains in three price tiers, customers can always find an eighth of the day for $25.


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