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Mark Antonation

Morning Collective

Mark Antonation
If a personality test were done of Morning Collective, you’d find a restaurant with “people pleaser” written all over it. The restaurant feels good to walk into, with plenty of booths, natural light spilling through windows and yellow wallpaper straight out of the ’50s. An L-shaped bar is a welcoming spot to settle into if you come by yourself; a large oval table, just right for socializing, is great for a group. The restaurant’s real charm, though, springs not from its homey decor, but from chef/owner Joseph Strelnik, who ran the fine-dining division at Pride of Aloha Norwegian Cruise Line before landing in the world of smiley-face pancakes, with gigs at Snooze and Village Inn. Strelnik comes across as an honest guy who goes through life saying yes and who wants his restaurant to do the same, which is why the menu makes such a good-faith effort to offer every possible dish you might want for breakfast. Sweet options abound, from pancakes with a molten center to French toast sandwiched with Nutella. Benedicts, hefty egg-based bowls with tater tots, and healthy options such as quinoa with vegetables round out the menu. Sidle up to the bar for a boozy latte with horchata ice cubes for a memorable start to your day.