The Noshery

The Noshery, which Andrea Knight opened in the summer of 2014 across the street from Regis University in northwest Denver, is the kind of place that every neighborhood needs: a friendly, unpretentious spot for meeting friends, settling in with a computer and coffee, and grabbing a bite. "It's always been a dream of mine to have a little cafe and bakery," says Knight. "It's a collaboration of all the different places I've worked." And her past experience handling pastry shows: The Noshery's case is filled with delectable scones, coffee cake, brownies and cookies. But the savory food here is worthy of attention, too: a fat breakfast burrito, fried eggs served with two biscuits drenched in sausage gravy and pork green chili, a playful macaroni and cheese, and a well-edited selection of sandwiches.