Quiero Arepas

Quiero Arepas is aptly named. The arepas made in this gourmet truck by chef Igor Panasewicz, who was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, are crave-worthy: golden, griddled corn cakes stuffed with an array of smoked meats, fresh cheeses, savory vegetables and more, wrapped in foil and served piping hot. The menu changes at every stop, and there’s always a vegetarian or vegan option in the rotating roster of dozens of arepas. The truck makes frequent stops to breweries around town, and just a glance at the calendar (conveniently filled out weeks in advance on the Quiero Arepas website) showcases the popularity of Panasewicz’s creations. He and his wife, Beckie, seek out the best produce from local farmers and use organic, all-natural ingredients wherever they can, so that the shifting seasons are reflected in the menu. It’s no wonder there’s a line outside the truck almost everywhere it stops!