St. Cajetan Event Center

Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO 80202

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    "stupid america, hear that chicano / shouting curses on the street / he is a poet / without paper and pencil / and since he cannot write/he will explode." -- Lalo Delgado Given what's going on in Tucson, Arizona, these days, this ki...

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    Sister Spit is coming. The queer, feminist-minded, spoken-word tour will land at St. Cajetan Event Center on the Auraria campus Friday night, and at the helm of the event is founder, author and icon Michelle Tea. From her debut memo...

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    Open mikes in San Francisco circa 1994 tended to be ruled by male poets emulating Charles Bukowski and Henry Rollins, explains writer and Sister Spit co-founder Michelle Tea. "There was a lot of obnoxious drunk-dude energy at all of...