Terrapin Care Station

1795 Folsom St.
Boulder, CO 80302
Terrapin Care Station +

Scott Lentz

Terrapin Care Station’s recreational-­only shop in Boulder sits on a busy intersection at Folsom Street and Canyon Boulevard, so don’t be surprised if you find a dozen or more people in front of you during rush hour. In the midst of the stoner stampede, it’s hard to see the hippie art on the walls, but at least the waiting room is large enough to house a crowd, with close to twenty seats and also daily menus that you can study before you go in the bud bar. Terrapin offers daily, weekly and monthly deals on its huge stock of edibles, flower and concentrates — most of which are made with strain-­specific trim from Terrapin grows. As at its sister shops, all of Terrapin on Folsom’s pre-­rolls are made with nugs only, no trim.


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