The Clinic Highlands

3460 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
Best Of
The Clinic's Highland location is in an adorable modified home on 32nd Avenue; it looks just like one of the cute, locally owned boutiques that flourish in the neighborhood, but an entirely different kind of local product is available for purchase. The Clinic has won more than twenty awards for its cannabis, concentrates and charitable contributions, and in 2013, the dispensary chain opened up some of its stores to recreational customers. The Highland spot was one of the first Clinic stores to offer pot to the general public --­­ and the general public was excited to see that happen, because the Clinic is renowned for having some of the highest­-quality meds around (and one of the widest selections, to boot). Since the genesis of medical marijuana in Denver, the Clinic has been one of the go-­to spots for high quality and knowledgeable budtenders; there are very few dispensaries that measure up to the selection and quality available at the Clinic. The prices reflect that bump in quality, but customers seeking the headiest nugs won’t complain, because they'll get what they pay for.


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