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The Health Center University Hills

2777 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222


  • Mon-Sat 10am-6:50pm, Sun 10am-4:50pm
The Health Center's two recreational and medical marijuana locations couldn't be more drastically different in form, with the Uptown branch giving off a quaint, cozy, neighborhood vibe and the University Hills outlet coming off as much more straightforward and businesslike. But what unites them is what matters most: quality cannabis and low prices worth making the dispensaries your primary centers for. The University Hills shop takes up the bottom floor of a two-­story building far to the south down Colorado Boulevard, with a few spots out front for parking and more in the back after squeezing through a narrow alleyway. There are signs everywhere warning people against parking next door at Junkman, which is apparently fond of towing cars. A few pot­-centric magazines adorn the simple, clean and coffee­-stocked waiting room. The first little room is set up as a plant nursery, albeit a fancy one, with stylish wood floors, steel­-and-­frosted-­glass counters and light boxes. The bud bar is in a similarly small room, with glass display cabinets separating the budtenders from the patients. Like THC's Uptown shop, bud is broken into two price tiers based not so much on quality as on quantity. There are also a few discount strains going for less. And the concentrates are definitely worth checking out: The Health Center won the 2014 710 Cup. Read our full dispensary review of the Health Center University Hills.

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