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  • Conceptual abstraction runs through shows at Robischon and Vertigo
    1 year ago by Michael Paglia

    In the last decades of the twentieth century, conceptualism was on the upswing in the wake of pop art and minimalism, both of which have big conceptual components. The cutting-edge work of the '80s and '90s was heavy with narrative,...

  • Piece Work
    2 years ago by Susan Froyd

    New York collagist Charles Wilkin entered the world of cut-and-paste by accident. When he forgot to bring the correct art materials to a college drawing class, his teacher let him cut up a pack of photos from another class to create...

  • Blind Faith
    2 years ago by Susan Froyd

    “Pangloss” refers to Dr. Pangloss, the talkative optimist in the Voltaire classic Candide. And “Gravitron” is the name of a spinning amusement-park ride with a high thrill level. Mashed together, Pangloss Gra...