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Altitude Organic Medicine - Closed

2250 S. Oneida St. Denver, CO 80224 | Southeast Denver | 303-756-8888

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Owner: Brian Cook. Owner's statement: "I had an alternative health interest. [Marijuana] was an honest-to-God treat for people. It really did help them sleep. It really did relieve pain. It really did affect nausea." Opened: December 1, 2009. Raw marijuana price range: $20 per gram/$55 per eighth (including tax.) Happy hour daily specials (like free joints); caregiver pricing for two of the best strains: $39 eighths, $78 quarters, $320 for whole ounce (includes tax). Other types of medicine: Edibles like ice cream, hard candy, banana bread and whipped cream ($8, contains .5 grams of herb). Tinctures, joints, capsules, hash and clones. Patient services and amenities: Free chiropractic session on site Monday and Friday, free yoga class at Root Yoga. Doctor on site Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Longevinex and other vitamin and nutritional supplements. Credit cards accepted.

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