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951 16th St. Denver, CO 80202 | Downtown Denver | 720-904-8822

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Originating in Dallas in 1975 as a casual sit-down restaurant stuffed to the brim with Southwestern tchotchkes, Chili's has since grown into a behemoth chain owned by culinary conglomerate Brinker, with more than 1,400 locations in more than thirty countries. Sadly, the Awesome Blossom is no more, but menu staples like Chicken Crispers, Southwestern Egg Rolls and those infamous baby back ribs--which may or may not cause you to spontaneously burst into song--are still going strong. Every location including Denver / Boulder features a fully stocked bar, and, as would seem fitting for a Southwestern-themed chain, Chili's specializes in margaritas, from top-shelf to sparkly fruit-flavored incarnations. In recent years the chain has continued its worldwide domination with more minimalist, modern decor and promos like the "$20 Dinner for Two." Voice Places is the place to find a Chili's near you.

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