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There are several greyhound adoption organizations in Colorado. A few factors distinguish the groups. Basically, those include the adoption process itself, sponsorship and group support. We have a tremendous support network to provide answers to questions and assistance during and after the adoption process. Another distinguishing factor is whether the dogs are adopted directly from the racing kennels or whether they are adopted from foster homes. We use the foster home approach. Our group has some good relationships with several racing kennels. When the kennels have dogs ready for retirement, they contact us, and we schedule a temperament/cat testing session and add the dogs to our list. When we have a foster home available, we schedule a vet appointment, transport the dog(s) to the vet appointment and when the vet procedures are complete, the foster parent picks up the dog from the vet. The advantage you receive as an adopter from the foster home method is that the foster parent gets a chance to teach the dog about things like stairs, windows, house training etc. that they have never had experience with in the past.