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3835 Elm St., #C Denver, CO 80207 | East Denver | 303-394-3265

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There are no big weed leaves or green crosses hanging on the front of the building that the dispensary shares with several other non-marijuana businesses. The shop is on the first floor, about halfway down the hallway; there are a few small signs with the shop's name, and the rules for entry are posted on the door. DANK is basically a 400 square-foot green box with a matching leather couch and chairs set up in one corner as a lounge, and a cutout window in the opposite wall that opens into the employee-only bud room. Small, hinge-top sample jars with a few buds each are kept out on display on the counter. To the left of the bud counter is a small glass case filled with inexpensive pipes, papers and assorted marijuana ephemera. In a lot of ways, DANK feels more like the old-school dispensaries of 2009, well before people were dumping huge amounts of money into decor and back when the only thing you needed to open a dispensary was some herb, a waiting room stocked with weed magazines and at least one wall painted lime green. Read our full dispensary review of Dank.

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