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Earth Group Colorado - Closed

4493 Washington St. Denver, CO 80216 | North Denver | 303-295-0232

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The biggest change for the new Earth Group Colorado crew in this old dispensary building was toning down the outside. Before, the green-­and-­white paint made it obvious to even the most clueless passerby that the shop was a dispensary. But the new, subdued blue-and-­green paint scheme puts the building back into the landscape background; the McDonald's across the street and the Hispanic superstore next door garner more attention. Inside, staffers have done away with the stereotypical stoner trappings, too. Otherwise, the layout remains the same. The lounge is still directly in front when you walk through the security door from the receptionist's window. The bud bar remains along the same back wall, and budtenders continue to stand on a raised platform behind the chest­-high glass display case full of buds and (occasionally) concentrates. Herb is kept in glass jars, with sativas and hybrids on the left and indica­-dominant strains on the right. Read our full dispensary review of Earth Group Colorado.

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