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Hangar Bar

8001 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220 | East Denver | 303-320-6683

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It's hard to miss the Beer Can Bomber hanging over the bar when you enter this East Colfax dive. The massive airplane sculpture was made from beer cans of yesteryear, like Blatz, Hamm's, Schmidt and a host of others you may have forgotten about if you've been around since World War II. The Hangar has been around for just about that long. Opened in 1938 -- the same year as the former Lowry Air Force Base nearby -- the Hangar specialized in stiff drinks for Air Force pilots and crew until 1994, when the base closed and became a housing development. Over the years, the bar's owners have changed, as has the clientele, but the neighborhood joint still serves those stiff drinks.

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