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Logan Liquors - Closed

100 S. Logan St. Denver, CO 80209 | South Denver | 303-744-0730

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Logan Liquors has been in the Farber family for 33 years, selling wine, beer and spirits to the good-time residents of Washington Park from behind the counter and from the drive-thru window around back. In fact, the converted gas station is one of the only liquor stores in town with a drive-thru. We can thank Stanley Farber's grandson, Justin, for adding a healthy selection of craft beers, including some rare and difficult-to-find bottles, to the little shop's collection of premium (and not-so-much) hard liquor and decent wine rack. If you're in a hurry, Logan Liquors can certainly hook you up with some jug wine or a fifth of hooch at the window, but it can also supply you with the latest small-batch brew from Avery, Odell or New Belgium.

Best of Award Recipient