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Lyons Classic Pinball

339-A Main St. Lyons, CO 80540 | Northern Colorado | 303-823-6100

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What began as one man’s hobby collecting pinball machines became a family-owned and -operated arcade venue: Lyons Classic Pinball. The facility boasts the state’s largest collection of maintained pinball machines, close to forty, dating from the 1960s through the millenium. The Lyons location has a lot to offer, since the town is quaint and surrounded by great hiking areas, but there are Boulder and Longmont locations, too. They also offer vintage video games from the ‘80s, all in top working order, to serve a variety of leagues, tournaments, birthday parties and any passers-by who appreciate classic games not on a computer screen.

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    Elton John kicks my ass. Well, it's not so much the big-goggles singer as it is his namesake 1975 Bally Capt. Fantastic pinball machine. I go through quarters -- three balls for 25 cents...

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Featuring 35+ pinball games from the 1960s to the present.