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Medicinal Oasis

6359 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222 | Southeast Denver | 303-756-1494

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Anything beach­-themed in a landlocked state tends to feel campy and corny. And so it is with the tropical­-themed Medicinal Oasis, with its Jimmy­-Buffett­-yacht­-club decor. But the buds here might very well have you sailing these green seas again, especially if you're an Aurora resident for whom the location is convenient. In the corners of the waiting room, you'll find tiny models of boats, but the nautical theme ships out once you enter the bud room. And once you take a sniff of some of the product on offer at Medicinal Oasis, nothing short of a boat hull jetting into the room will grab your attention. There are two different tiers of herb here: regular and connoisseur­-grade. But within those tiers, the shop has also divided up the harvest of each strain into higher­-quality top buds ("only taken from the top six inches of the plant," according to budtenders) and lower-quality bottom buds. There are also concentrates available, including indica­-specific, sativa-specific and hybrid bubble hash. Read our full dispensary review of Medicinal Oasis.

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